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MSID Services

From design to works monitoring, the attention to details.


Design, layout and refurbishment of spaces, lighting experience conception

Optimize and enhance each space.

Like for make-up, a successful layout and decoration are not noticeable but stand out.
Listen to your needs, understand your way of life, grasp your tastes to create the place that suits you and bring an identity, yours.
Advise you in your choice of furniture and lighting.

Lighting is so critical. When adequately conceived, lighting should be present but almost not visible or there is a risk it blinds you... all that without being too weak either or you won't see comfortably. Lighting experience conception encompasses the analysis of each room and its usages to identify the number of lux required.  Then some calculations will determine the number of points of light needed, the value in lumen for each one and finally bulbs will be chosen to provide appropriate number of lumen and adequate light ray.


-> Creation of plans, elevations or 3D, including technical or execution plans.

-> Material Selection 

-> Selection of furniture, lighting, decoration

-> Selection of craftsmen, craftsmen

-> Follow-up of orders and purchases

-> Follow-up of work​



Holder of a Decennial Insurance with AXA.

Bespoke furniture design

A piece of furniture to suit your needs.

A difficult corner, a lack of space, a need for storage, a desk of one's own, a bookshelf, a walk-in dressing-room, a TV cabinet, so many reasons to design custom-made furniture .
It will then perfectly fit into your interior and meet your expectations.


-> Drawings 

-> Selection of materials

-> Selection of makers

-> Manufacturing follow-up and set-up

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